Project Report

A DETAILED PROJECT REPORTS (DPR) is a final, detailed appraisal report on the project and a blue print for its execution and eventual operation. It provide details of the basic programme the roles and responsibilities, all the activities to be carried out and the resources required and possible risk with recommended measure to counter them.

  • Viability assessment of new business
  • Marketability
  • Technical feasibility
  • Financial
  • Authorities
  • Able to prepare new relevant business plan
  • Recognize fundamental startup issues
  • Type of market, chief influencers, players, etc
  • Market description
  • The reason for starting the business in particular market
  • Supply network and market rates by government
  • Government and technical limitations
  • Methods of investment
  • Anticipated productivity
  • Money flow and project report
  • Investment value evaluated
  • Estimated financial ranking
  • Product
  • Target clients
  • Advantage of service offered in business
  • Market consumption pattern
  • Boston existing supply location
  • Production prospect and limitation
  • Exports and imports
  • Price structure
  • Price structure click ability of demand
  • Client’s behavior
  • Client’s purpose
  • Client’s approaches
  • Client’s needs
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Business model
  • Production of goods and services
  • Break even analysis

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