Investment Pitch Deck - an Overview

Entrepreneurs must have a strong investment pitch deck in place before they even consider seeking funding for their businesses. The investment pitch deck is a crucial part of the financing process. It increases the likelihood that they will make a funding by piquing their interest in your business concept and getting them talking about it.

An investment pitch deck is a business pitch presentation that informs potential investors about your company. The investment pitch deck is also known as a business pitch, investors pitch, or investment business plan. It uses the slides to simply depict the company and its chances of success in order for the investor to comprehend the business potential. Writing a business proposal or investor pitch is in some ways similar to writing a client proposal.

Convince the Investors

The business pitch is where start-ups showcase their potential for success in an easily understandable presentation that bank executives, private equity investors and others who are interested. Increase the potential investors’ mental clarity.

Equity Funding

If you’re a technologist with deep expertise in building products but having difficulties in presenting your vision in a way that makes business sense, you will need a business pitch deck to close your funding round. Depending on the need for funding, the investment pitch deck can be updated and modified for various purposes and periods. It also acts as a marketing strategy for the company. An executive summary of the company is given in the investment pitch deck, along with a description of the management goal.

Build the Roadmap

A business pitch deck can serve as an internal memo for the founding team, to set benchmarks and track its progress as a business over a period. It is an effective structure for drafting a small business plan. A perfectly drafted Investment pitch deck can assist in adjusting the business goal to particular customers and investors.

  1. Elevator Pitch

A quick and crisp synopsize of your startup – the problem it is solving

  1. Summary

A brief about the start-up, it’s past, team profiles, KPIs, mission, vision and goals

  1. Market problems and Solution

Your solution to the massive problem you have identified.

  1. Market Analysis

Insights into the market and the opportunity it presents

  1. USP

Evidence that your business differs from other businesses and why it will succeed

  1. Business Model

How will you generate revenue and grow the same.

  1. Go-To-Market Strategy

What’s your strategy to acquire customers and attain massive growth

  1. Competitor analysis

To compare the product’s/ service’s features of own company with other market players and prove the superiority.

  1. Current Traction

What’s your current traction and key business metrics

  1. Revenue models

Channels by which revenue shall be sourced for the company.

  1. Past financials

The revenue, COG, SGnA, EBITDA, DnA, taxes, PAT n CAPEX of the company in past.

  1. Forecasted financials

The revenue, COG, SGnA, EBITDA, DnA, taxes, PAT n CAPEX of the company with 5-year projections.

  1. Funding required

How much fund required and according to valuation how much want to dilute

  1. Founding Team

An overview of the domain expertise and the background of the founding team and other key advisors, partners, or investors.

  1. Exit strategy

To forecast a strategy that may imply after 5 years of company performance.

Enterprise Plan

A business pitch is a written document that outlines the objectives and tactics for the company’s future.

Technical Documents

An investor may request the relevant documentation from a business owner who is launching a technology-based venture or a medical venture. Investors can consult a specialist to evaluate potential technology. Additional information, documentation, and company operations must be provided.

Documents Concerning Financial Issues

Financial business forecasting is a requirement for every company. Detailed financial projections for the upcoming years will be needed by the potential investor who is interested in the company. The investor can comprehend the fundamental presumptions underlying the forecast.

Various Documents

Investors want to see the plans and pertinent documents related to hiring new employees and the costs associated with payroll, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. The entrepreneur must give the investor a thorough sales and profit-and-loss forecast report.

Information Regarding the Market

Information about the target market helps the entrepreneur solve problems by giving pertinent data. Such information on the target market can be requested by the investor.

For your startup, XYZARROW can create a business pitch. Your startup’s business plan or investor pitch can be created in 15 to 20 days.

Better understanding of your business

Our Financial experts will work with you to comprehend your business, proposed plans, and capital requirements prior to developing the business pitch.

Creating a business pitch

Our Financial experts will create a business pitch for your startup based on their knowledge of your startup company and the data gathered.

Finalisation of the business pitch

You can offer your feedback or input once the draft business pitch has been created in order to finalise and prepare the final investor pitch.

XYZARROW has built an in-house team of experts who have helped multiple early-stage startups raise millions of dollars in VC funding. They bring their deep domain knowledge and expertise having worked with investors across sectors and stages to guide you in your fundraising journey.

Our dedicated in-house Investment team with more than a decade of experience in advising and mentoring early-stage startups to raise millions of dollars from VCs. Our investment team have themselves co-founded and raised money from seasoned investors.

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